Release Update - User Capacity Exports Now Available on Cloud

We’re excited to announce a new feature for our Planner Cloud customers - Exporting User Capacity. Understand and project your company’s capacity with greater granularity.

Being a resource manager who is responsible for allocating resources to projects and tasks can now report on the capacity of their resources, both in terms of the amount of time they have planned and their open capacity, with the new export feature. 

The exported data will give you greater visibility into capacity (hours, FTEs and calendar events), planned time (hours and FTEs) and availability (hours and FTEs) on the project, program, team, role and user levels. The data exports to csv format.  

This highly requested feature makes planning more optimal where resource managers can take a deeper look at the exported data to help them evaluate:

  • Project feasibility
  • Hiring needs
  • Resource availability

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