Tempo’s suite of cloud applications certified Atlassian Cloud Fortified



As a cloud-first company, Tempo has always focused on ensuring our products meet the very highest, up-to-date standards for cloud applications, and continue to develop products designed to exceed customer expectations for usability, performance and reliability. As a validation of our approach and ongoing development work, we are delighted to announce that Tempo’s cloud applications have now all been certified as Cloud Fortified by Atlassian.

Tempo - Atlassian Cloud Fortified

According to Atlassian, ‘A Cloud Fortified badge indicates that an app participates in all six of Atlassian's cloud app security programs and undergoes additional checks for service reliability and performance’. Of the 1000’s of cloud applications on the Atlassian Marketplace, fewer than 50 to date have achieved this certification, and Tempo stands alone in the time tracking and enterprise capacity management category.

You can read more about Atlassian’s Marketplace Trust Programs here and the Cloud Fortified accreditation here.

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