Updates to team permissions are coming to Server

We are excited to announce that we’re working on a number of changes to our Tempo permissions to make it easier for you to define who has access to data within your organization. This will include a new approach to permissions that will simplify how you grant data access globally or to multiple teams. 

As a first step to allow these larger changes to happen, we’ll soon be rolling out a new team permission called View team. As the name indicates, the View team permission allows designated users in your organization to see your team and its members. This replaces an older permission (Browse team) that used to control this. With the new team permission, you will now be able to configure view access for your team in the team permissions matrix, in the same way you do with other team permissions. The only difference is that the View team permission will always be checked for anyone included in the team permissions matrix, since we assume that everyone you add there will need to see the team by default. 

If you have already granted Browse team permission to other members of your organization, these people will automatically be added to a new Additional viewers permission role within the team permission matrix and given View team permission. If you’d like to adjust who is included in this group, you can click on the column and edit it the same way you do any other permission group. The goal in creating this role is to give you increased visibility as to who in your organization can see your team. Should you find that there are people included that shouldn’t be there -- such as members of other teams or even deactivated users -- you can click on the Additional viewers column and edit it the same way you would any other permission role.

One thing to note is that teams in Tempo can be marked either public or private by selecting Everyone or Specific users in the team visibility field. If Everyone is selected, then the team is public and visible to all users on the Jira instance independent of the View team permission. This is the setting you should choose to make sure that your team will be visible once Tempo rolls out its revamped global permissions. However, if you’d like to limit the team’s visibility to users with View team permission (as well as Tempo Team Administrators), you should select Specific users instead. This will ensure that you can control who is able to see your team’s information when you don’t want to share it company-wide. 

The new View team permission will pave the way for us to be able to create a new approach to global and multi-team permission groups in the months ahead. We’ll be announcing more about that as the time draws closer, so please stay tuned.

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