Tempo Server is getting a new look

We have some great news to share - on May 12th, 2021 the latest version of Tempo Server will get a new look. This includes our updated Tempo logo as well as a newly designed Tempo sidebar. These changes are part of a larger rebranding effort that we have recently implemented across the company.

The new navigation sidebar has all of the same elements but with a different look and feel, as shown below. You can use the sidebar to navigate to Planning, Reports, Teams, Accounts, Apps and Settings, just as you could with the old sidebar. You can also access the Tempo Help Center directly by clicking on the question mark icon.

Tempo my work view

Should you wish, you can unpin the new sidebar and have it show up as a hamburger menu in the upper left corner instead (next to your user name). To display the sidebar again, simply select “Pin Menu” from the hamburger menu and it will reappear.

Tempo navigation sidebar

Please note that you will still be able to navigate using the Tempo dropdown menu on the upper panel, just as you can today. This navigation structure will remain unchanged.

We look forward to bringing you this new look and hearing your feedback.

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