Tempo's Server Migration Guide is now live

Following Atlassian’s recent announcement about their decision to accelerate their move to being a Cloud-first company, we have had questions from many of you about what this will mean for your Tempo Server products. We are very excited to announce that we have launched a new Server Migration Guide to answer many of these questions, as well as guide you through the steps you need to take to make the leap from Tempo Server to Cloud or Data Center. 

This guide will be updated in the coming months as we continue to collaborate with Atlassian on an app that will allow you to migrate Tempo data to the Cloud automatically. It will also develop to include information for those of you who would like to migrate to Data Center. In the meantime, you can find step-by-step directions in the guide about how to migrate to Tempo Cloud manually, as well as FAQs, Partner information and links to additional resources.

We remain excited about this new direction and are committed to supporting you in your journey to either Cloud or Data Center. Please be sure to check the Server Migration Guide periodically for frequent updates and new information.

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