Tempo is preparing to release a major Server version

Tempo is excited to announce that we will be releasing a major version in the coming months. The new versions of Timesheets 11, Planner 8 and Budgets 14 will be compatible with Jira 8.13 and will feature changes to the Jira SPI and Jira REST API. This will result in the Tempo Team custom field being returned as an object rather than as a string. It will also make it possible to update the Jira SPI with an object. While it will still be possible to use the existing Jira REST API endpoints to update the team custom field with name or ID, it will no longer be possible to use the Jira SPI to do so. You can find more technical information about these changes here

The goal in making these changes is to give you more flexibility when integrating with the Tempo Team custom field through the Jira SPI and API interfaces, and to allow those of you who use these interfaces to simplify your third party integrations. These changes will return a Team object that includes both the team name and the team ID (instead of just the team ID), which will allow you to access more information when you use the Jira SPI and REST API interfaces.

We know that this release may have an impact on third party apps and integrations within your organization, so we are giving you advance notice so that you have time to test and prepare. If you would be interested in getting early access to this major release as part of our EAP program, please reach out to us via our Support portal.

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