You can now plan time using the Tempo Cloud mobile app


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As part of our ongoing improvements to our Cloud app, Tempo is happy to announce that you can now plan your time on your mobile phone. This allows you to plan your time on the go, whenever it’s most convenient for you. Simply click on the plus button -- the same button you use to log time -- and toggle to the Plan Time tab to access it. If you have Tempo Planner, these plans will then be visible in both the mobile and desktop versions of My Work. If you don’t have Tempo Planner, you can plan time but the plans will only be visible on the mobile app.

Tempo plan time screenshot

In addition, the updated mobile app now gives you the option to receive push notifications that remind you to log your time. These notifications can be scheduled to occur after events end or at custom-set dates and times, ensuring that you never forget to log your time. 

Finally, the app now makes it possible to share the app easily with your team. Simply navigate to the Settings tab, click on “Let your team know about the app,” and you can send your teammates a link to download the app.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback about these changes.

Want to learn more? Our Mobile Cloud guide has all the details you need to know about the app. Go to the app stores for Android and iOS to access the app itself.

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