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Tempo Cloud

We are excited to announce that changes are coming to Tempo Cloud's navigation. In order to align with the new Jira Cloud navigation, we will be removing the side navigation panel (shown below with the blue background) in the coming weeks and shifting to using only the sidebar that is integrated in our products. You can read more about Jira Cloud’s navigation changes here.

As part of these changes, we have updated the overall look and feel of the sidebar itself. This sidebar has all of the same elements -- including My Work, Planning, Reports, Teams, Accounts, Apps and Settings -- but with a style that aligns with Tempo's recent brand refresh

Once the side navigation panel is removed, this new sidebar will now serve as your sole way to navigate within Tempo. Should you prefer to view Tempo’s navigation options as a list rather than a sidebar, just click the pin icon in the lower left corner of the sidebar. The navigation sections will then show up as a hamburger menu next to your user name. To display the sidebar again, simply select “Pin Menu” from the hamburger menu and the sidebar will reappear.

We are excited about the new design and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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