New Features in Timesheets to Manage Time Better and Share Insightful Reports

The new bulk move feature enables you to move multiple time records from one Jira issue to another for a selected user. To view the Bulk Time Record Editor, you require either the Delete all Worklogs or Manage Worklogs permission for Jira projects (Project Permissions). 

This new feature is very helpful for team leads and managers as it eliminates excessive steps of having to move time records one by one and saves time and money. Just select the period of issues you want to move, and filter out the issue key and the user and click Move. The total number of time records and hours is added to the existing records. 

Improvements to the Log Time Dialog in the Jira Issue View 

As we are always improving and adding new features to Tempo, it's time to enhance the experience of logging time in the Jira issue view and provide you with smart suggestions about where you’ve spent your time. 


There are multiple ways to log time in Tempo and everybody has their convenience of logging time. Many of our users log their time in the Jira issue view and may not be getting the full experience of the latest features, suggestions and integrations, or are not aware of what is possible. Now when the log work dialog is opened in the Jira issue view, you will see your day listed up to the side. There you can see how many hours you’ve yet to log today and automated suggestions from a range of tracked activities from Jira to VS Code and JetBrains to your calendar. Also, you can navigate to “My Work” to view your schedule and suggestions. 

Sharing Reports

As we continue to further improve our reports, we are happy to introduce a new feature where you can share your reports. You can share your saved report with other users in your organization so that they get the report updates automatically. Multiple users can be added. 

It's easy to identify which reports have been shared with you and the reports you’ve shared with colleagues in the “Saved Reports Section”. You can also save a shared report and rename it to your benefit. If you no longer wish to see the report, simply click on “Stop seeing this report”.

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