Release announcement - JetBrains plugin now available

We're pleased to announce that our latest automation plugin for JetBrains is now available to all customers.

Tempo’s automation and interact everywhere tools ensure the highest quality activity feed and, by extension, time records. 

Customers are able to create automatically a detailed and accurate picture of any day to include meetings attended, tickets and issues worked on, and code committed from a variety of applications, with just a single click.

With Tempo’s new automation plug-in for JetBrains’ IDEs, time spent on coding activities is automatically detected and logged as editable suggestions in Tempo Timesheets. Through these automation plug-ins, My Work views in Tempo can provide a complete overview of your activities, such as calendar events and time spent in JetBrains' IDEs, all in one place. Click here to learn more and to download the plug-in.

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