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We’re excited to announce a new feature for our Planner Server and Data Center customers - Generic Resources. This much-requested new feature makes planning future activities more accurate, even when full details are still to be decided.

The Generic Resources feature for Tempo Planner enables managers to assign generic (unnamed) resources as placeholders to project tasks until team members are identified and assigned to work on those tasks.

Generic resources can be managed in Planner and in Tempo Teams. You can use generic resources as placeholders in the following scenarios:

  • For projects in the early planning stages and until the actual team members are identified and allocated to work on projects.
  • When a team member working on a current project is no longer available, their planned tasks can be assigned to a generic resource until a replacement is found.
  • When actual resources are available, a generic resource can be replaced by a team member now identified and available to work on the allocated tasks.

The Resource Planning page shows a list of users and generic resources with the availability of users along with their plans.

You can read more about assigning generic resources here

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