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Tempo is very happy to announce the release of our newest product, Tempo Cost Tracker. Cost Tracker lets you quickly assess and monitor the financial health of a project by leveraging data from Tempo Timesheets. All you need to get started is a Jira filter, whether it’s an existing filter or one you create to encompass all the Jira issues you wish to include. Tempo Cost Tracker then translates the time logged on all issues in your project into a snapshot of how your project is progressing financially. 


Tempo Cost Tracker provides a wide range of financial reporting features, including:

  • Create financial projects from a Jira filter and view total costs from tracked time.
  • Set a fixed budget to see how your costs track towards it.
  • Set a default and user-specific cost rates.
  • View total hours logged on scope and total labor cost associated.
  • View cost over time in a visual graph.
  • Create custom issue groups and summarize all hours and costs of included issues.
  • Drill down to view hours and cost per team member.  
  • Manually sync scope changes from the Jira filter.
  • Add fixed expenses to projects to track non-time based cost.
  • Download CSV export of all issues, hours and associated costs.
  • Control access to Cost Tracker using Jira groups.
  • As a project owner, share and collaborate on projects with stakeholders.
  • View high level KPIs of all your projects on the project list page.

To try a free trial of Cost Tracker, go to the Atlassian Marketplace here. You can also find documentation and more information about Cost Tracker in our Help Center. We look forward to bringing this new product to you and welcome your feedback and comments.

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