Cost Tracker Now Adds More Value to Your Project Tracking Needs

In complex, matrix organizations where resources are often shared across multiple projects, tracking the time spent on these projects can be a complicated, time-consuming process without the proper tools. People managers often have the responsibility of approving the time of their team members, but what about project managers? Shouldn’t they have the visibility into the worklogs of resources as they pertain to their projects? Furthermore, shouldn’t they have the ability to approve or reject these hours depending on how the project is progressing?

Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets, Tempo’s powerful project tracking tool,  is focused on putting more power in the hands of project managers through accurate billing, budgeting, and monitoring of the overall financial health of projects. With Cost Tracker, Project Managers also have the ability to configure the scope of their Cost Tracker projects and then manage those projects’ hours all in one place.

With Cost Tracker’s latest feature - Project Hours Approval - project managers now have the ability to approve time spent on particular projects by enabling more accuracy in monitoring project hours - streamlining internal communications and driving overall efficiency. 

Currently using Cost Tracker for Timesheets? Start using project hours approval today.  

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