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Track labor costs with greater precision!

The Flexible Rates feature falls into a series of recent enhancements made to offer you more automation and flexibility around project and team settings (roles, cost, and billing rates). A few weeks ago, we launched Global Roles & Rates, which allow you to set default cost and billing rates by Tempo Team role. Now, with Flexible Rates, you can assign as many rates as you want to each team member. Easily account for salary increases, inflation, contractual changes, or bulk rate discounts. Whatever the reason, when a member is assigned multiple rates over the course of a project, Cost Tracker will search for the effective date and pull the appropriate number. The changes made will be reflected in your reports with no impact on previous time records.

Flexible Rates make project monitoring and overall reporting more accurate as all labor costs adjustments are tracked precisely. Visit our Help Center for details or check out this link if you're interested in building your own custom integration.

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One last detail - Flexible Rates are extra easy to set up!

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