Tempo Cost Tracker: You Can Now Track CAPEX / OPEX Accounts

Our mighty project tracker, Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets, is now compatible with Accounts - specifically CAPEX / OPEX accounts.

Although you can categorize your time records into four different categories, CAPEX, OPEX, Internal or Billable in Tempo, Cost Tracker will import Jira tasks and Timesheets data categorized with CAPEX and OPEX accounts. The expenditures will be calculated based on the current cost rates.  

This anticipated feature will help with summing up costs in real-time reflection of your project’s status. Now your project overview will display an accounts side bar where it's possible to compare CAPEX vs OPEX. Also, you can see the breakdown of each account type i.e. how many accounts are connected to the project and the total time spent and total cost. 

You can also track expenditures based on a customer. If a customer is associated with the account, it's displayed when you hover over the account giving you an holistic view of CAPEx and OPEX amounts for a specific customer.

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