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Wherever you are in your migration journey, Tempo and Valiantys can help you succeed. Get the expert advice you need to ensure you're set up for the future.

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  • A discussion around the migration process
  • A run through of the key differences between Tempo's solutions
  • Expert advice on managing the change and reducing TCO with Valiantys

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Why migrate?

  • No maintenance costs. Cloud computing eliminates the need for you to manage your own hardware and networking equipment, saving significant maintenance costs.
  • Work from anywhere. Cloud computing enables your team to access applications and data from any location with an internet connection, facilitating remote work and collaboration.
  • Get real-time security updates. Atlassian and app vendors like Tempo offer robust security measures, including real-time security updates, advanced encryption, and threat detection, helping you protect your data and prevent cyber attacks.

Valiantys Cloud offerings

Cloud readiness & strategy

Valiantys will provide you with a cost–benefit analysis, assess risks and potential roadblocks, and create an honest roadmap to guide your cloud journey.

Dedicated Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan supports the advanced collaboration needs of globally distributed teams, with org-level visibility and controls to manage complex security and data governance needs.

Private cloud migration

For those with more complex requirements, Valiantys can help lift and shift highly customized Atlassian applications to Valiantys Cloud.

Managed Support

Valiantys provides an additional layer of support through our Managed Services offering, providing constant support to you, even after your migration.