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  • Leverage AI to generate insights into how your team spends time.
  • Get accurate billing for invoicing and track CapEx vs. OpEx spending.
  • Integrate with calendars, JetBrains, VS Code, and Github to track activities outside of Jira.

Centralized capacity planning and resource management for Jira

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  • Allocate team members based on roles, skills, and availability for better alignment with project demands.
  • Confidently determine if your teams can handle project proposals and in what timeframe.
  • Compare planned time to actual time spent to improve future forecasts.
Cost Tracker

Track and manage project and portfolio costs from Timesheets data

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  • Set budgets, costs, and bill rates, and add expenses to get a full picture of financial health.
  • Group projects into portfolios, enabling high-level financial performance assessment.
  • Make informed decisions with historical, real-time costs or revenues.
Custom Charts NEW

Visualize your timesheet data with simple yet powerful custom charts and reports for Jira Dashboards

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  • Quick and easy creation with templates, saved filters, or shared Jira dashboards.
  • View data across multiple projects and visualize it in different ways in Jira or Confluence.
  • Easily change chart type, customize colors and descriptions, show/hide data, and more.
Structure NEW

Visualize, organize, and manage work across Jira projects, programs, and portfolios in one place

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  • Set up custom issue hierarchies and spreadsheet-like overviews in minutes.
  • Track work time and billable hours from Timesheets alongside your project data.
  • Manage work across multiple projects and teams in Jira, regardless of teams' methodologies.

Modular tools

Teams are at their best when using their preferred tools, with processes that fit their ways of working. No matter how each piece is implemented, our solutions are designed to work in harmony with one another — while bringing out the best of the Jira software stack.

With Tempo, teams can choose the modules they need, customize them, and build on successes as they go.



  • What’s the pricing like?

    Click the 'Try for free' button and then the pricing tab in the Atlassian Marketplace to access a pricing calculator and to view pricing tiers. To discuss custom pricing for larger teams, click 'Talk to an expert.'

  • Can I trial products if I’m not my team’s Jira admin?

    Only Jira admins can start a trial of a new product. Click the 'Try for free' button anyway – the Atlassian Marketplace page will have a button to notify your admin of your request! For larger teams, click 'Talk to an expert' and we’ll help navigate the process of setting up your team.

  • Will I be charged at the end of my trial?

    No – try new functionality free of worries, and then confirm you’d like to expand during your trial when you’ve evaluated how our solutions work for you.

  • Can I bundle some or all of these together?

    You can try multiple trials at the same time for different products, or you can click 'Talk to an expert' and we’ll help make a plan for a larger team deployment of our solution stack.