Server Migration

As a central part of our commitment to supporting customers in their migration away from Server products, we are gathering and sharing feedback on the most frequently asked questions. On these pages, we will build out a comprehensive guide to give our customers and partners quick and easy access to the most pertinent information they need, and provide updates on our Server, Cloud and Data Center strategy. Check back often as we continue to update this FAQ.

Server Migration

  1. How will Atlassian’s shift from Server to Cloud and Data Center affect my Tempo Server licenses? As Atlassian announced recently, you will be able to purchase new Tempo Server licenses until February 2023 that are valid until February 2024.
  2. How long can I purchase Tempo Server apps on the Atlassian Marketplace? Until February 2023.
  3. When will Tempo stop supporting its Server products? In February 2024.
  4. How long will you fix bugs for Server apps? We will continue to fix bugs until February 2024.
  5. Can I still use Tempo apps on Server once the licenses have expired? Yes, but you will not be able to receive Support with an expired SEN (Support Entitlement Number) or be able to upgrade to later versions. 
  6. Where can I learn more about Atlassian’s Migration Program? Atlassian has published and maintains a comprehensive migration resource here.

Server to Cloud Migration

  1. Does Tempo support migration from Server to Cloud? Yes. You can find more information in our Server to Cloud migration guide.
  2. How do I evaluate whether I can move to Cloud? Online tools, resources and documentation are available through Atlassian's website as well as within Tempo’s Server to Cloud migration guide.
  3. What are the benefits of moving to Cloud? Cloud is a great option for customers looking for improved agility and accessibility. You can read more here.

  4. Will I be able to access the same features in Tempo Cloud that I currently have on Server? The majority of features are comparable between Tempo Server and Cloud, and we are continually working to make the parity between the two that much closer. We’ve created detailed product comparisons for Timesheets and Planner to help you understand the differences.
  5. Can I get discounts from Tempo as we migrate to Cloud? Atlassian is offering Dual Licensing for larger migrating customers, and we are intending to mirror Atlassian’s Cloud Loyalty Discounts. For smaller migration customers, we are offering discounts on new Cloud subscriptions. You can read more details here. Customers can also refer to our Pricing Calculator to compare versions.

  6. Where will my data reside in cloud? Currently, Tempo data resides in  US-east-1 region in AWS (see We are working with Atlassian on storing customer’s data in the same region where their Atlassian data resides.
  7. Do I have to migrate all my data to the Cloud? Not necessarily. We have some customers who are maintaining historical data on server, and setting up a new instance in the Cloud. However, after February 2024, customers will no longer be able to upgrade to later versions of server.

  8. Will Tempo Budgets be available in the Cloud in future? As of right now, we do not see an exact replica of Tempo Budgets on Cloud. For customers looking for similar functionality, we recommend looking at Cost Tracker, as it does support both revenue tracking and cost tracking as currently offered in Budgets. In addition, we're looking to offer forecasting functionality with an integration to Tempo Planner. You can read more about the differences between Budgets Server and Cost Tracker Cloud here.

Server to Data Center Migration

  1. How can I migrate to Data Center? You can find information from Atlassian here. Customers are also strongly encouraged to carefully plan their migration, and can read more here. You can read more about some important steps in Data Center migration in our guide here.
  2. Are prices for Tempo Server and Data Center changing in the near future? We are currently assessing the viability of offering discounts and promotional pricing, and will provide further information when available.
  3. What are the benefits of migrating to Data Center? There are a number of benefits of being on Data Center for our larger enterprise customers, or those with custom / complex environments. You can read more here.