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Sync your calendar events with Jira

Convert Google or Office 365 calendar events to worklogs on issues with a tap. No need to search for issues, re-enter descriptions or manually enter time.

increase productivity
increase productivity

Track time wherever you are

Easily create create and convert time to worklogs in Timesheets.

Worklogs can be created from calendar events (Google & Office 365), the time tracker, or plans on issues from Tempo Planner.

Accurately track work with Tempo’s realtime tracker

Create trackers on Jira issues or launch the tracker in realtime and select a Jira issue once your task is complete. 

increase productivity

Download for free for iOS and Android

Stay up-to-date on timesheet progress

Realtime timesheet progress provides visibility on how you’re spending your time and how many hours are remaining in the time period.

increase productivity
increase productivity

Access your tasks on-the-go

View planned tasks from Tempo Planner and quickly convert them into logged work in Tempo Timesheets.