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Unnur Ösp Ásgrímsdóttir's story


Director of User Experience

You came to us in the summer of 2015 as a UX Designer – how were you welcomed as a new employee at Tempo?

It started more or less with an awesome Fall Trip where the majority of the employees took a day off from work to do all sorts of fun activities together, so it was a rather good timing for a new employee to get to know co-workers. Regarding work, I was left pretty much alone to discover the Tempo universe and measure my techniques, background and methodologies against it – for me that’s a great way to get started on new and exciting assignments at a new place.

What’s a typical day for you at Tempo like?

My user obsession colors my days quite heavily and because my work is so central around the users, my days do differ quite a lot according to which project I’m working on and with which users. Typical day could be like:

  • Read and answer emails, go over the to-do list of the day
  • Get my morning Cortado
  • Prepare and conduct a user interview
  • Get a sneak peak on my favorite design blogs
  • Meetings
  • Analysing results from user interviews, vision, and concept generation

How would you describe the company culture at Tempo?

The company culture is relaxed, friendly, rather flat and informal. People walk around on their socks, lie in the sofa and talk about whatever comes to mind, but at the same time are very eager about what they do.

How is individual employees’ input within the company valued?

It is valued and acted on. Your voice – if you raise it, has an impact and you can feel it. That’s very valuable.

What do you like best about working at Tempo?

The vibrant ever-changing environment, the drive for improving and creating the best solution for our users. The people are pretty nice as well.

Could you tell us about your part in developing and designing Tempo as a product, and the role of the Design team?

My part in product development at Tempo revolves around digging deep into user behavior, understanding current needs and discover hidden ones, and developing empathy for the users of our product across the company. This research then leads to inputs into product visions, product concepts, and product messages. The Design team is therefore a team of diverse designers that all have the goal of improving the look, feel, structure, functionality, and experience of Tempo products.

How has your background benefited you in your role at Tempo?

My background as an Industrial Design Engineer, with emphasis on user-centered design, as well as having been privileged to work five years within the field with a lot of users, has made me very convinced that putting the user central in the development process parallel with applying creative and analytic methodologies is what is needed to create great products. This experience has helped me develop strong empathy for users and understand the importance of creativity and critical thinking – all of which I confidently put in Tempo’s development and design processes.

What advice would you give others seeking to work in this field?

The software industry is not only for people deeply involved with computer science and technology. Software has become a central part of our lifes, used by diverse people and therefore it is highly important for the industry to involve various people with various backgrounds.

What song do you listen to when you need to go into “work mode”?

I have to pick two current favorites: