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Cheryl Roscoe's story

Content Writer


Can you tell us about your team and your role within it?

I was originally part of a tiny team in the Customer Experience group and we’ve since grown to include a video learning specialist, a technical writer, and a customer communications person. So we’re a bit of a cross-functional communications team that supports existing Tempo customers. My focus is writing content that helps users learn our products and that supports the user experience in the UI. That was one of the main things that interested me in Tempo: my job description seemed to indicate a real openness to contributing at multiple levels.

So what’s a typical day at Tempo like for you?

My day can be quite diverse. Normally I know what’s coming down the pipeline and I check to see if there’s anything I’ve been flagged on; then I set to work on my priorities. It will depend on if there are new feature releases coming, if there’s a new UI design in development, or if we’re trying out some new onboarding tools. Sometimes I’ll work on one project for several hours and sometimes I’m contributing across multiple teams, but my routine is kind of the same in that I’m always writing, thinking about writing, or researching.

What are your biggest challenges and how do you manage them?

The challenge is that there is not enough of me and there are a lot of ongoing projects. It can be pretty difficult to keep tabs on what all of the teams are doing. So that’s probably the most difficult one. It’s hard to get the big picture to assess my priorities, since I want to work on them all.

How has your background benefited you in your role at Tempo?

I’ve been writing for a very long time, particularly for software, and I’ve had the pleasure (and pain) of working for some really interesting start-ups. Tempo is a growing company, so that experience really, really served me well. In the past I’ve also worked at a 3-D animation software startup. I had to interact with a lot of people, a lot of groups, and customers. The work gives you a good perspective and really strong empathy for the customer.

What advice would you give to people seeking work in your field?

They need to be curious. They need to think on their feet sometimes, they need to like to make choices about the language and words that they use. And as much as possible, particularly for products like Tempo, you want the user experience in the application to be very easy. You know, users are looking at products like Tempo to enhance their productivity, so the better experience they have in-product, the better the result they’ll get. The words and the choices of words you make need to support the workflows designed and the consistency really matters.

What’s your favourite part of your work?

Writing for the UI, definitely, and working with the designers. It’s my favourite part because it really forces me to think hard. I also like writing for the interactive onboarding that helps users quickly master new features, as it gives me an opportunity to write a little more creatively. Basically, I like to write and I like my job!

How would you describe the company culture at Tempo?

It’s a very friendly company. There are people of all ages. There’s a good mix of men and women. The Montreal office is quite multi-cultural, which is a lot of fun. We celebrate that, usually with food, which is the best possible way. And it’s very easy to get along with people here. We’re an intimate office and everybody’s willing to help.

What do you like best about working at Tempo?

You know, I really have fun people to work with and many opportunities to explore new ideas. They get my jokes. It’s a nice office environment with space to relax and talk to people you may not work with daily. I feel at home here.

What are some of the perks of working at Tempo?

Aside from having a really pleasant work environment, they make an effort to go above and beyond. There are social activities, there’s breakfast weekly (for the food-obsessed, it’s ideal). We also do innovation days, called “Charlie Days”, where you don’t have to restrict yourself to a technical initiative. One initiative that I worked on that we’re trying to get off the ground right now is a charitable giving team. So there are opportunities to contribute beyond the company culture. And they make an effort to promote engagement. So I would say Tempo really cares about their employees.