Why use the capacity report in Tempo’s Jira resource planning software

Jira resource planning software

One of Tempo Planner’s handy features is the capacity report, which shows the allocation and availability of your team’s members. At a glance, you can see what resources you have available to plan your team’s workload and make sure you’re making the most of your employees. By providing data on your team’s work efforts, the capacity report in Tempo’s Jira resource management software makes it easy to request additional resources when needed.

It makes sense to check the capacity report frequently because it’s common for users to underestimate how much work is needed for a project. It’s not easy to keep a project on time and on budget without demanding more time from staff. In some cases employees may be expected to arrive early, stay late, work weekends, and respond to emails outside of working hours. But to overwork employees can compromise the quality of your team’s output and negatively impact their personal lives.

The reality is you don’t always know when a particular employee has been pushing themselves too hard or having a tough time in their personal life. You may have a project deadline looming, but be aware of how much you demand in a crunch. The key is to plan ahead to avoid overwork. With Tempo’s Jira resource management software, you can be sure that you aren’t overworking your staff. You can use the capacity report to look ahead and take action accordingly, whether by taking on fewer projects or adding more staff. Fully use your Tempo Planner instance to help your team plan their work efforts collaboratively and transparently.

Signs that your team is overworked

It’s good to be aware of how your team is feeling so you can recognize if one of your employees is overworked. Once an employee is burned out, it can take a long time to repair the damage. Here are some of the signs of burnout and overwork:

Constant Lateness:

If someone is always late or missing time at work, this could be an early warning that your team member is unhappy or very stressed.

Unused Vacation Days:

A telltale sign of an overworked employee is the failure to take vacation time. If you notice vacation days are adding up, it’s time to investigate.

High Turnover:

If you’re unable to hold onto your employees, then something is wrong. When you can’t retain people, it could mean the workload is too much to handle.

Attitude Change: 

When an employee has a major change to their personality—going from bright and sunny to moody and pensive—it’s worth looking into.

Stuck in a cycle of overwork? Try Tempo Planner to better plan your team’s time, and your own!

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