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Why you should use custom reports with Tempo’s Jira project management tools

Tracking the performance of your team can be a challenge. There are always multiple timelines to manage and new deadlines looming— if you haven’t got a well-designed software with easy-to-use reporting functions, it can be tough to get meaningful insight into how things are going.

Maybe you have questions like:

“Are we dedicating too much time to low-priority tasks?”

“Are any of my employees logging a lot of overtime?”

“Is anything overdue?”

“Am I missing something important?”

Tempo’s advanced custom reports are designed to cut through the uncertainty and make it possible for you to see how your employees are doing and how projects are progressing. Reports in Tempo's Jira project management tools are made to sort, filter, display and edit issue and worklog information in precisely the way you want. Whether you want to get projections on how much longer a project will take or find out how many billable hours your team has logged on an upcoming milestone, Tempo reports make it easy to get insight into where you stand.

Instead of stumbling around in the dark and hoping to get everything done on schedule, make sure that you’re on the right track. With custom reports from Tempo, you can see just about anything you need to see about your projects and teams.

So what can you do with Tempo reports? Here are just a few things:

  • Use powerful filters to customize your view and pare down your report as needed
  • Create and measure custom variables (called work attributes); for example, overtime or billable hours
  • Get reports on specific Jira filters
  • Get reports on how much time has been logged for a customer or for customer accounts
  • Get reports on projects, teams, issues, accounts, or users
  • If you have Tempo Planner enabled, you can get reports on plans by teams or users and see their availability in advance

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