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Implementing time tracking software for your business is a thoughtful and savvy move that will position your small or large business for long-term prosperity. Many of the inquiries and concerns that we hear from small and large businesses are generally related to the usefulness of time tracking software. Business owners will ask us quite frequently whether or not their company is big enough to incorporate time tracking software. However big or small your employee base is, there is an opportunity for you to improve work operations by implementing time tracking software; here are some of the teams that benefit from it. 

Design Teams

Being in design is all about allowing your mind to flow freely, which promotes fresh ideas. While most graphic designers work under a time frame, the best work is often completed when the artist is able to work free from distraction in an environment that promotes inspirational thinking. For design teams all over the world, time tracking software is essential to ensure the artists know how much time has been used on a certain project, as well as how much of their client’s budget has already been spent. Many designers are well-versed in multitasking which can create quite a hassle for keeping accurate time assessments for their clients. Graphic designers can use time tracking software to capture the exact time spent on each client to prevent over or underbilling. 

Development and Tech Teams

Development and tech teams are implored to use time tracking software because it is beneficial in terms of productivity and accountability. They are constantly trying to solve problems and issues which can be incredibly time-consuming. However, implementing time tracking software can serve as a benefit as it will allow them to manage and track their own set deadlines. There are so many moving parts that product developers and tech workers have to deal with in their jobs, which can make it incredibly easy to miss an essential task that could derail their current progress. With time tracking software, development and tech-based teams will be able to verify the progress of their work and follow each task in chronological order, to ensure each of their projects is completed with maximum efficiency. Tracking time can also help leaders to estimate the length of future projects and tasks. 

Human Resources Departments

The employees who are hired to fulfill day-to-day administrative tasks are the biggest asset a company has. Human resources are directly responsible for ensuring the workplace is safe, ensuring basic human needs are met, and providing employees with a support system where they can speak freely about things that may be bothering them or impeding their ability to complete their work. However, one major aspect of operating an HR department is needing to be organized enough and having enough foresight to accurately manage shifting and scheduling concerns. Companies that are in a position to grow may face some major obstacles when it comes to tracking personal and sick days for their employees, as well as managing overtime hours and the progress of their training courses. HR departments that implement time tracking software can reap the benefit of an easy-to-use program that is versatile in functionality. 

Marketing and Creative Teams

Successful marketers are often creative, hence the ability to manufacture influential messages to a broad audience. Therefore, their workdays aren’t always as scheduled and programmatic as other positions like accounting or tech development. Creative positions can be tricky to understand, employees may need to socialize more often and free their thoughts by having a good laugh at a Youtube video, however, creative thinkers are also smart and savvy and when they start their projects with a vision, they often see it all the way through. So how do you track a creative employee’s time & effort? 

Creative workers are exceptionally gifted, but they don’t want to waste their talents on the ins and outs of time tracking. It’s important to invest in time tracking software that is uncomplicated and easy to learn. Secondly, the time tracking software that you choose should also be aesthetically pleasing - no creative worker wants to manually input numbers onto a timesheet that resembles an Excel spreadsheet; pick one with an interactive interface. Lastly, get your creative team on board with the decision making process. Ask them what they’re looking for in terms of time tracking and how exactly it could make their jobs easier and less stressful. Implementing this software for marketing and creative teams will help all employees stay on track, efficiently manage priorities, and provide a better customer service experience.


There are so many unique teams that can benefit from time tracking software in the workplace. All in all, time tracking software is a versatile tool that can be used to boost team morale, improve the speed and efficiency of projects or tasks, provide management teams with pertinent information regarding time off requests and scheduling conflicts and so much more. Whether you’re in the development and tech industry, the creative industry, or a human resources manager, time tracking software could be the right fit for you! For more information on implementing time tracking software in your workplace, check out Tempo today.

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