What’s in store for Tempo Planner?

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We’re always doing everything we can to improve our products, and Tempo Planner is no exception. This year we’ve been hard at work updating the product based on ideas and feedback from our customers. 

Look out for these new features and upcoming ones on the roadmap:

1) New: Language options

We’re pleased to have launched Planner with new French and Russian language options. Soon enough we’ll be expanding our repertoire even further with Spanish, German and Portuguese.

2) New: Permission roles page

We’re excited to announce the arrival of a much-requested feature: the Permission Roles page, where Tempo Team Administrators can manage Tempo access to planning data across multiple teams, and their whole organization. Now you can manage existing permission roles quickly and easily, all in one place. You can also create new permission roles. 

2) Upcoming: Create plans automatically from imported Jira issue data

Here at Tempo we’re all about efficiency, and that means not doubling work. Currently, users need to manually create plans after assigning Jira issues to resources. With the Import Jira functionality, plans will be automatically created in Planner based on data from imported Jira issues.

3) Upcoming: Capacity Report for Cloud 

When planning resources, it’s important to understand capacity based on planned work and available staff. This feature will bring the new Capacity Report, currently available on Server, to Cloud. 

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There’s lots more planned for the long-term that we’re very excited about. If you want to see the full roadmap, check out our webinar recording from November 2020. Disclaimer: there are no guarantees on more long-term features - the roadmap is simply a plan. We release on Cloud first, followed by Server and Data Center. 

If you have more ideas to share for Tempo Planner, feel free to share them in our Idea Portal.

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