Unstoppable Together: The Tempo Hackathon



The 2021 Tempo Hackathon “Unstoppable Together” was made up of 324 registrants, 11 teams, 8 projects, 2 honourable mentions and, of course, 1 winner. The challenge? To craft a creative and innovative solution that helps Jira, Confluence and Atlassian users in one of the following categories: automation, integrations, machine learning, or Tempo.

The goal was to overcome pandemic isolation and get people from all around the world working together in diverse groups. The submissions were evaluated based on the need for the solution, how the solution works, the design UI/UX, and the intuitiveness of the solution. The judges were: 

  • Lisa Förstberg, Atlassian Expert at Riada
  • Björn Döhler, Co-CEO at resolution GmbH
  • Daniel Meisen, Atlassian Expert at Kreuzwerker
  • Art Zaratsyan, VP of Tech at Tempo
  • Danica Arthur-Asante, Developer at Adaptavist

There was Bingo. There was digital swag. There was a quirky quiz to help you figure out what kind of time tracking animal you are. There was also a Business Track with live sessions aimed at partners, customers and prospects interested in learning about the latest Tempo has to offer. 

At the kick-off of the Tempo Hackathon, Tempo CEO Mark Lorion presented, as well as VP of Technology Art Zaratsyan, Director of Marketing Ólöf Kristjánsdóttir, and Director of Customer Success Carolyn French. Participants were given 24 hours to complete their projects.

A quick summary of the live sessions

One of the live sessions addressed how we are using automation to help surface key insights, without asking users to do any manual time tracking. Another showed how to optimize resource planning in Jira and introduced some of Tempo's brand new features, such as easy import of Jira issues and calendar integration. The final live session presented Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets, as well as how to visualize the status of projects in real-time and maximize profitability.

The winning Hackathon submission

Of the eight submitted projects, honourable mentions went to Team Twybee and Team Temprals. The winning team was Team ATMT, whose submission MyTempo presented a project using voice-activated commands for Tempo. The judges said, "The project gave us goosebumps. It's new, it's innovative, and the video was inspiring and professional."

In line with our pledge to donate $5 for every registration, and with a little extra added in, we will be donating $2020 to the Canadian charity Hackergal, founded in 2015 with the mission to introduce girls to computer science through its hackathon program. We had a fantastic time organizing this special event and hope to do more in future.

To discover more about automation in Jira and Tempo, check out our upcoming webinar on May 12:

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