The benefits of Cloud computing: Why move to the Cloud?

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Most companies are planning to grow. If a company grows faster than expected, the technology used every day should grow with it. It requires the system to be flexible in every direction - in, out, up and down to meet customer needs as soon as they hit and be ready when needed.

The main advantages of Cloud computing are economy and immediacy. Cloud technology makes scaling faster, smarter and more efficient than with on-premise server deployments. Not to mention more affordable, as you can quickly and easily right-size your user subscriptions as needs fluctuate.

Server to Cloud migration in Jira and TempoMake your IT teams happy

No lengthy and expensive manual upgrades required? IT teams are responsible for a long list of tasks, from server setup, repair and maintenance, to keeping up with the latest technology and trends. By moving to the Cloud, you outsource most of these tasks to your suppliers, namely Tempo and Atlassian. With less management and administrative overhead, you can focus your strengths on the productive side of your company, fostering diligence and creativity.

Four key business drivers for Cloud adoption

  • Software security: Cloud gives you instant and automatic access to the latest features, security upgrades and bug fixes. As a certified Cloud Security Compliant vendor with Atlassian, customers can be confident their data is always secure and accessible. Security issues are a huge concern and the danger of outdated software that is rarely updated could result in unwanted and potentially damaging consequences. 
  • Stable software: Cloud releases are typically smaller in nature, product and performance improvements are more frequent and bug fixes are delivered faster. Plus, removing outdated features can also improve the stability of your software and further improve performance. 
  • Relieve your teams, including your non-technical teams: With frequent and smaller releases, it’s easier for your teams to keep up with changes and remove the need to continually re-train users. It is obvious that migrating to the Cloud will free up your IT teams’ time, but you’ll likely find out that Cloud-based apps have productivity benefits for every team—from Marketing to HR, Sales and beyond. Your teams can take advantage of every new feature and improvement at any time, all the time. 
  • Support your remote teams: Last but not least, Cloud-hosting simplifies remote work and distributed teams. The trend for remote working is increasing worldwide, and had been long before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way everyone works. The ability to work remotely can become critical in an instant, and the Cloud is accessible from anywhere at any time and on any device where you have internet access.

Cloud migration assistant: How can we help?

Tempo is a Cloud-first company: we design our software solutions specifically to use modern cloud technologies. Since 2017, when Tempo redesigned its flagship product Timesheets on Cloud for Jira and moved to AWS, we’ve been actively improving functionality, performance and security measures in Cloud. 

For years, we’ve been preparing ourselves to support our customers to migrate to the Cloud and we’re always ready to offer our full support. We're here to help you every step of the way to ensure your Cloud migration is as effortless and risk-free as possible.

Don’t know where to start with migration planning? Visit our new Server Migration Guide for more information.

Server to cloud migration guide

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