How a Jira project management tool saves EB Pearls over 400 hours/week

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EB Pearls is an agency of 180 people that has been at the forefront of web, app & ecommerce design and development in Sydney since 2008. They have clients that span the Australian government, to large corporations, to start-ups. Today they specialize in the development of mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Before Tempo, project planning and resource management were a nightmare for EB Pearls. Team leads had trouble estimating how many hours their employees needed to complete different types of work and planning ahead was difficult to say the least. Because the company charges clients per project, but pays its employees on a monthly basis, getting the most out of working hours is particularly important.


With Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner, EB Pearls can now evaluate how much time is spent on projects and plan work according to what needs to happen. Team leads know who is assigned to what project and whether they have worked in line with associated plans. With Tempo Accounts, it’s also easier for the finance team to keep track of all the project budgets. The company is able to track costs, which enables them to see if a project is going over budget and reduces the likelihood of financial problems down the line.

“Tempo is part of our day-to-day, especially for Timesheets and Planning,” said Akash Shakya, Head of Sales and Marketing at EB Pearls. “We have tried millions of things in past, but Tempo and Jira is where we have found stability. It’s been over a year and we are getting the data that we need to run our business.”


One of the benefits of Tempo’s Jira project management tool is that it gives a survey of how much employees are working and on what projects.

“From the data provided by Tempo, we realized that a lot of our staff were under-used,” explained Shakya. By optimizing the schedules of employees, EB Pearls was able to save a huge amount of money.

What do employees of EB Pearls think of the company’s new Jira project management tool?

“They haven’t complained, which means they love it!” Shakya said.

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