Tempo acquires enterprise-grade data connectivity leader Alpha Serve

Tempo welcomes Alpha Serve

More flexibility, more scale, and more choice

We’re doubling down on our belief that modern businesses need modularity. Enterprise organizations are too complex to rely on monolithic software solutions for all of their needs. 

They use a complex mesh of tools, and extracting insights from them is challenging. We’ve been tackling this over the past 12 months by integrating several of Tempo’s apps, but it was time to supercharge the effort. 

Enter Alpha Serve, the industry-leading team perhaps best known for its Power BI and Tableau connectors for a wide range of apps, such as Jira, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.

Today’s acquisition of Alpha Serve extends Tempo’s suite of modular, flexible, and purpose-built solutions for organizations looking to maximize their portfolio investments.

The secret to actionable BI? Seamless integrations

Over the past 12 months, Tempo has redefined the landscape of strategic roadmap execution through its innovative integrations. By creating push-button bespoke integration, Tempo connects strategic roadmaps to real-time execution, providing an unparalleled view of run rate, capacity, and progress in complex team environments.

Alpha Serve extends this capability. Alpha Serve’s BI connectors provide an often unmet need – sending data into the business intelligence tools loved by large organizations. 

Even better news? It already has a connection built with Tempo!

Integration options include:

  • For Jira
    • Power BI Connector
    • Tableau Connector
    • SQL Connector
    • BigQuery Connector
    • Looker Studio Connector
    • SAP Analytics Cloud Connector
    • Oracle Analytics Connector
  • For ServiceNow
    • Power BI Connector
    • Tableau Connector
  • For Shopify
    • Power BI Connector
    • Tableau Connector
    • Exportier – Data Export
  • For Zendesk
    • Power BI Connector
    • Tableau Connector
  • For Monday.com
    • Power BI Connector
    • Tableau Connector

The connectors are designed to be user-friendly, offering secure data sharing with permission settings, robust filtering options, and capabilities for streamlined data export and flexible data manipulation. 

What does this mean for me?

The integration of Alpha Serve's BI connectors into Tempo's suite brings significant advantages for enterprises. It offers enhanced flexibility, allowing organizations to select tools that best fit their requirements without the concern of data isolation. 

As business needs grow, the BI connectors must scale accordingly. Users might face challenges if the solution doesn't efficiently handle increased data volumes or if it impacts system performance.

Alpha Serve's BI Connectors are built to be scalable and high-performing. They can handle increasing data volumes and complex analytics needs without compromising system performance, supporting your growth.

Additionally, the seamless integration of data across various platforms ensures accurate, timely analysis.

A unified solution for modern enterprises

These connectors are pivotal for seamless data integration across platforms like Jira, ServiceNow, and Zendesk, furthering our goal to provide you and your team with comprehensive and modular solutions for maximizing portfolio investments.

Alpha Serve's addition to the Tempo portfolio enhances our expanding data analysis and visualization expertise. This journey began with the introduction of Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence in 2023. The business intelligence connectors from Alpha Serve streamline data integration, offering essential analytics that support well-informed decisions.

Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence offer tailored data visualization within existing workflows, simplifying performance tracking and reporting. This synergy results in a more streamlined, effective, and user-friendly portfolio management experience, which is crucial for achieving successful outcomes. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple yet powerful way to pull your data from Jira or an advanced BI solution that addresses your intricate needs, Tempo has you covered.

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