Key takeaways about Teamwork from The Atlassian Team Tour

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This is shaping up to be an unusual year, with mass cancellations of events due to the pandemic. But as always, knowledge-sharing is key and every organization is trying to adapt to the new normal of today. Atlassian is no exception.

The Atlassian Team Tour went virtual on November 9-10, 2020. It takes a lot of legwork and planning to pull off an event online and Atlassian did a fantastic job of delivering good content and engaging presentations that attendees enjoyed and will remember.

The keynote started off depicting 2020 as a year of change and challenges. It was also a year of making new workspaces productive and agile, plus finding new hobbies. Above all this year has been about staying motivated and curious. And last but not least, there’s all the cute fur babies we’ve been seeing at meetings.

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The way we work is changing. Our key takeaway from the keynote is what we at Tempo have all been thinking about lately, the Cloud.

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What happens as teams move to Cloud

True transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Going fully remote with multiple offices is a challenge. So is rolling out operational, digital and cultural transformation, particularly while, still supporting your customers in all of their endeavours.

How should we manage rapid, dramatic change in a limited time frame? The same way we always have: by designing technology to unleash the potential of every team. Teams of all sizes and shapes need tools to promote how they communicate, collaborate and deliver value. Their interaction becomes more complex and the need for an effective and intuitive collaboration tool is crucial.

It all comes down to the team that is responsible for productive collaboration among other teams: IT. As we know, IT teams are responsible for a long list of tasks, from server setup, repair and maintenance, to keeping up with the latest technology and trends. By moving to the Cloud with more automation, you outsource most of these tasks to your suppliers i.e. Atlassian (and Tempo).

As mentioned in the keynote, the ROI of automation is substantial:

  • 86% of admins said that automation for Jira saves them more than 6 hours per month if not more in complex workflows.
  • 11% said that automation saves their end-users more than 51 hours per month.

As we know very well here at Tempo, saving time makes people happy!

This vision of teams in the future boils down to what Atlassian announced, that is, the discontinuation of Server product lines. The Cloud is where the most value lies and where teamwork will continue to grow and excel.

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The world is forcing change

It sounds a bit dramatic, but it's true. The current situation is forcing organizations to rethink how they run and operate their business. The uncertainty and velocity with which things are changing is affecting your biggest resource, your teams. It's not wise to hope this will not affect you and wait until it’s over. You need to be open to this opportunity to grow and transform.

With that said, Atlassian is delivering a world-class Cloud experience for customers. Atlassian has now stepped into a cloud-first reality, as Tempo has been since 2017. By going down this path, together with Atlassian, we are enabling organizations to build more flexible and resilient paths to success into the future.

As we know, this transition to the Cloud is different for every organization. We have the information you need to make it happen.

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