What is Effective Resource Management Software for Jira?

Resource planning - Tempo Planner view

When managing a project, you need to complete many tasks for a successful outcome. But no task can be completed without the right resource. Assigning the right team member to the right task and issue at the right time is a time-saver for the Project/Resource Manager.

When a need comes up, you can react quickly and find appropriate available resources to do the job with Tempo Planner, Resource Management Software for Jira.

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5 steps to manage resources

    1. Starting with productive team management in Jira

      It is just as important to coordinate capabilities and workload. Define team roles in Tempo, as well as availability, team commitment if in multiple teams, accounts for vacations, holidays, flexible employee work hours, and distributed teams. Plus, there is always time that should be allocated to general tasks and unforeseen downtime.

    2. Find the right people

      When planning your projects, you need to find the resources you need. Do you need a developer and a designer next Thursday?
      No problem! Tempo allows you to filter your view to see the right role, team or user at a given time.

    3. See the availability and capacity of resources

      In Tempo for Jira, the resource planning view lists all your resources where you can see their availability, details of planned time on Jira issues or projects, and whether they have hours to spare or are overbooked.

      Resource planning view in Tempo

    4. Plan time quickly and easily

      The only effort you need to plan the work is dragging the Jira issues into the resource planning view, dropping it and adding the details, all in the same view. Also, if you need to edit or move your plans around, it’s quick and easy!

    5. Consider Capacities When Planning and Workload Company-Wide

      Plan with the right capacities from the get-go. Otherwise, resources quickly run into bottlenecks. The capacity report in Tempo lets you see the planned hours and the time available for your team. You can see how much of a team member's time is planned by the team, and how much of their time is used up by other commitments.


Interested in learning more about Tempo Planner? Watch our webinar to learn how to manage resources and report on capacity, regardless of where your employees are located:

Resource Planning for a remote workforce webinar

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