How resource planning software can improve your working process

Tempo Planner illustration

Tempo Planner illustration

Every company is affected by their access to resources. Organizing and managing these resources can be challenging. Project management teams often want to know how resource planning software can improve their working process, particularly when teams work from home or in geographically dispersed locations. Here you will learn some of the ways resource planning software, like Tempo Planner, can help you organize your major plans. 

Manage teams working remotely

With so much of the workforce working remotely, it’s especially important to stay organized and in sync with your team. Tempo Planner helps to plan the delivery of projects and facilitate communication for a dispersed workforce. With Tempo Planner, it’s easier to monitor workloads and ensure everyone is hitting their deadlines from afar. All the data is conveniently located in one place and managers can access reports to plan future projects. With time, employees can learn to accurately estimate how long tasks will take to complete to support managers in optimizing their resource allocation.

Manage the workload of your employees

Ineffective resource planning eventually takes a toll on the individuals working hard for your company. What so often happens with poor resource planning is that there will be times where employees are waiting for work or unable to move forward. At other times, workers are required to work overtime and possibly on weekends to ensure a project is completed on deadline. Not only does ineffective resource planning alter the timeframe of a project, but it can impact your employees’ satisfaction, leading to increased stress levels and decreased motivation. All of these things are of major concern throughout the lifespan of a project because it can result in poor performance from your employees. Handy tools like the capacity report in Tempo Planner enable you to see at a glance whether your employees are over or underbooked, so you can adjust their workload accordingly. 

Adapt to changing conditions

Resource planning software will also help you navigate changing conditions. A sudden major change in the project’s parameters or a surge of sick day call-ins could put a kink in your plans; resource planning software will help you maintain your patience and a clear train of thought while accommodating these unfavourable conditions.

Get valuable software features that work for you

Many companies that work without a designated resource planning system use a standard spreadsheet program, but these come with undeniable pitfalls. Not only are spreadsheets difficult to share with other employees due to the risk of data loss or corruption, but they also need to be revised manually, which can be time-consuming and cause mistakes that could damage your company’s reputation. With a spreadsheet, it’s difficult to share with team members exactly what they should be focusing on.

When you’re looking to invest in resource planning software, you’re going to want to look for a number of different features. You’re going to want to invest in a program that allows you to create and assign different tasks for your employees. It’s also important for you to visualize how many hours your team plans to spend on different parts of a job. Additionally, charts that present you with a visual of your employees’ workload are also important. Tempo Planner lets you do all this and more. 


Your employees are the most valuable resource your company has. With resource planning software, you can manage them even better.

Tempo Planner Resource Planning Guide

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