Power Scripts™ for Jira teams up with Tempo to cut processes by 90%

Cprime PowerScript Tempo Timesheets Automation

There’s a great app on the Atlassian Marketplace that synergizes perfectly with Tempo Server and Data Center to condense and simplify your Tempo processes.

The best part is that your Jira users won’t have to do any extra work - quite the opposite actually... 

When we heard that Cprime Apps, one of the juggernauts of the Atlassian Marketplace, wanted to join forces with us to automate parts of Tempo, we immediately wanted in - and we were right to do so.

Here’s the secret sauce that we’re happy to share with you today: Power Scripts™ for Jira + SIL® Tempo Connector.  We’re also thrilled to show some of the results they achieved through automation. For a more in-depth look at the app and some additional use cases, check out Cprime Apps’ documentation

Never heard of Power Scripts™ for Jira?

Power Scripts™ for Jira, one of the top apps on the Atlassian Marketplace, is like a Swiss Army knife for any Jira Admin utilities. It’s an easy-to-use script runner for workflows, automation, and integrations. You can read more about it on our partner’s page.

But don’t take our word for it: Atlassian Marketplace reviews are adamant that this app is an efficient way to save time and money. Here’s a preview of what users had to say about the app:

Power Script Review

Power Scripts Automation Review

What role does SIL® Tempo Connector fill? 

Powered by Cprime Apps’ Simple Issue Language®, SIL® Tempo Connector and Power Scripts™ for Jira work together in automating Tempo objects such as Tempo Accounts, Tempo Teams, Tempo Issues, etc. 

Using this connector instead of building it in-house will save you from lots of headaches, hours of development, and burning through your budget: the cost to create, maintain, and improve.

You can thank us later.

Here’s how a simple automation workflow for Tempo saved hundreds of hours for project managers 

In the best case of “leading by example”, Cprime combined Power Scripts™ for Jira, SIL® Tempo Connector, and Tempo to automate and standardize their consultants’ time and budget reporting process. The results they achieved from such a simple framework is mind-boggling. 

As a large $100M consulting company that implements Agile and Technology transformations to Fortune 1000, Cprime needed to find an efficient way to link billable and non-billable time to a client for invoicing purposes. 

The first thing they did was to start leveraging Tempo Timesheets. With all the data inside Jira, their project managers cut hundreds of hours of reconciling information from alternative platforms.

Better yet, they were able to improve their workflow by automating this process. With Power Scripts™ for Jira and Tempo, Cprime was able to automate 90% of the administrative process  by doing the following:

  1. Auto-create Jira projects
  2. Provide Resource assignments
  3. Add pay rates and bill rates 
  4. Generate the reconciliation report for the finance department

But wait, there’s more. 

Because the script automatically generates reconciliation reports for the finance department, the team was able to slash their close process from 3 months to mere weeks, and recovered more than $500k from displaced invoices. You can read more into their implementation steps and results in the Cprime blog

Hurray for automation!

Now, whenever there is a new project to be added, everything is done with a click of a button. Say goodbye to ambiguity for the type of information needed or where that information lies within Jira.

A simple and effective way to consistently do more with less. 

Want to directly ask Cprime about their best practices for implementing automation? Tune in for our upcoming joint webinar with Cprime on March 19, 2020 @ 11:00 am EST, where we’ll show you the power of automation in Tempo through different use cases.

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