How to Make Time Tracking a Seamless Part of Your Day

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The process of logging your time should feel smooth, easy and even enjoyable; you should feel like you’re on top of your job every day. When logging time, it should be straightforward to find what you need, schedule meetings and plans, request time off, track time, and submit your timesheet.

Sound too good to be true? For team members, tracking time isn’t a choice in most cases but more of a managerial decision. But what if you could track your time and be carefree and in control of your work every day?

With Tempo, you can!

Connect Google Calendar and quickly convert events to worklogs

You can sign in to your Google Calendar directly from Tempo and view all your scheduled meetings and other activities in My Work, your home base in Tempo. To connect your Google Calendar, click View in top right corner of My Work and select Google Calendar. You will be directed to Tempo Apps page to sign in with Google.

After you’ve selected the Calendar you want to connect, all your Google Calendar events are visible in My Work. Google Calendar integration is only available for Tempo Cloud for Jira.

Include a Jira issue key in the event title when you book a meeting and Tempo will pick it up when logging time in My Work.

Customize your home base in Jira

Your home base, My Work, is now nicer and more customizable. Select your preferences of date and view settings and the new sidebar integrates with the Tempo Issue Picker allowing you to configure the issue list showed. You can click on plan cards to quickly log work on them, as well as all your Google Calendar events.

Create your own sanctum in Tempo, where you'll find what you need, schedule meetings and plans, view your issues, track time and submit timesheets for approval, and request time off.


Tempo Timesheets scheduling tool


Start your day in Tempo: view your schedule, get a sense of your workload and an overview of upcoming projects and tasks.

Finish your day in Tempo by converting your plans and Google Calendar events to worklogs.

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