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Cost management

If you have financial decisions to make, you might want more from your Tempo data. With Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets, you can use it to track project cost, revenue and have visibility over project health in Jira.

Cost Tracker requires Tempo Timesheets. If you already use Tempo Timesheets, you’ll know it’s embedded in Jira and offers automated time tracking for your teams. If you're not using it, read more about what you can do with Tempo Timesheets.

Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets

Cost Tracker turns Tempo Timesheets data, meaning teams’ tracked time efforts, into a simple-to-use financial picture of each project with complete visualizations. The tool helps you to make decisions based on true project costs and run all your projects as planned. 

It’s easy to set up for Jira Cloud with a Jira filter as the scope of your project and Tempo Timesheets data for time spent. Just add the hourly rate and budget for each project.


Track costs with ease and don’t let your budget catch you by surprise

Quickly gain insights on your basic project cost by defining your scope, selecting a team and determining the duration of the project or use the preset time frame from Tempo Timesheets data. Enter your total budget and hourly rates and see how logged work transforms to project cost. 

Tempo depicts the breakdown of actual costs in terms of time spent against the budget. Plus, your expenses are covered as well. You can also use Cost Tracker to audit time spent on projects - you may find a glitch somewhere that is costing you revenue and project health. 

With Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets, you can see the value of your projects and ensure that your team's efforts are carried out efficiently with regards to cost in addition to time. Also, you can easily communicate the top line financial value of the project development across the organization. 

Visualize critical KPIs


View the entire financial picture at a glance

Get a bird’s eye view of all your projects and projects you have access to and see which projects are running over budget and monitor the status of your projects’ health. 

View the entire financial picture at a glance

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