The importance of logging time for a remote workforce

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With employees working from home, logging time has become more important than ever. Many teams can no longer simply chat in the office to understand priorities or communicate easily. Logging time is a simple and straightforward way to promote transparency in teams. With the right tools, it can be easy to implement. 

The following article will discuss the benefits of logging time for a remote workforce. 

Keep tasks on schedule

Logging time helps to ensure that tasks stay on schedule. By asking employees to log their time and determining which projects are being worked on the most, you can ensure that project deadlines are met as your team works remotely. 

It’s easy to be distracted when working from home and team members may be more or less productive depending on the circumstance. As long as your team consistently logs their time, it’s simple to ensure that all projects are completed efficiently.

Keep employee transparency 

Working from home can hurt workplace communication and interaction. Transparency is affected - team members can no longer walk down the hall into a colleague’s office to ask a question, but instead they have to reach out via phone or direct message. Using time logging software can be helpful for your team, as it can keep transparency throughout your remote workforce.

When you have a workforce that is transparent about how projects are being completed, the entire company reaps the benefits. When your employees are transparent, you will be able to know how much time is being spent on a project. 

Enable employees to plan their own time

With time logging software like Tempo Timesheets, it’s possible for employees to schedule Jira tasks for themselves and plan their day ahead of time. In this way, they can assess their own workload before each day begins and log time accordingly. This is particularly useful when working from home as teams become conscious of how long tasks may take to perform remotely. For more advanced planning features, managers can adopt Tempo Planner, which enables them to plan time for all of their team members and underline whatever the priorities of the moment are. By looking back at past projects, managers and users can better gauge how long future tasks should take. 

Keep employee morale up

Initially, employees may get nervous at the thought of their managers implementing time logging software, however, it’s something they will likely end up appreciating. Management teams that use time logging tools can see if their employees are overwhelmed with assigned tasks. A tired and drained workforce may produce poor work, so it’s important that their time is tracked and managed accordingly. Check their logged times and offer a helping hand whenever you can. By doing this, you can ensure that employees know that you’re looking out for their best interests.

By implementing time logging software now, you can keep an efficient workflow as well as ensure that you’re keeping your employees’ spirits up.

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