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The key to better customer service is time tracking



It’s easy to list the factors that contribute to poor customer service. Whether a CS agent is abrupt, incompetent, or simply too slow, there are plenty of ways to create a miserable experience. But what makes customer service good? 

A recent blog from Zendesk details the results of a survey of 1000 people that asks that very question. The results show that the number one relevant factor that makes for good customer service is: The problem was resolved quickly.

The second biggest factor is: The person who helped me was nice.

And the final factor is: The problem was resolved in one interaction; no passing around to multiple people.

It’s no accident that time is the winning factor in customer service. People are busy and don’t want to waste time talking on the phone or chatting to get their problem fixed. Nor do they want to wait around for a response. They want the issue, whatever it is, to be resolved quickly.

Of course, time is also very important to the companies offering support to clients. Tempo for Zendesk offers smart time tracking so managers know how much time has been spent on tickets. By tracking time as a KPI, managers can identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement, which in turn allows agents to respond to tickets more quickly.  

What’s so great about Tempo for Zendesk? 

  • It offers automated suggestions for time spent on tickets so agents don’t need to manually enter their time. The focus is on getting work done, not tracking time
  • Admins can review the weekly report on work performed by agents, and quickly customize the report with different data and time periods. This allows them to make better decisions and speed up processes
  • Admins can report on time spent by categories, such as billable, to support their customer invoicing. They can use this functionality to see when customers have reached their maximum number of support hours included in their contract
  • Agents can start logging their time immediately without a lot of training or onboarding. Also, they can quickly log time spent on other activities such as meetings, travel, company events, and more
  • Agents can opt to integrate their Google Calendar with Tempo, and view their scheduled calendar events in My Work. This makes tracking time even faster and easier

By tracking the time spent on tickets, you can easily identify which customers submit the most problematic tickets, as well as which issue types take the longest for your team to resolve. With help from Tempo time tracking, you’ll know exactly where your resources are being exhausted and find new areas for optimization and improvement!

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