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Daniel Panorama Atlassian User Group

In this guest blog, Atlassian App specialists Digital Toucan explain how to plan work across multiple teams and track time spent on such projects.

Introducing an integration between Tempo Timesheets and Panorama. In combination with Timesheets, Panorama now brings even more needed project management features to Jira.

Panorama structures Jira issues so Project Managers can organise and track the progress of tasks and sub-tasks into hierarchies that can span multiple teams or projects, as required.

Daniel Panorama Atlassian User Group

Why we chose to integrate with Tempo

Panorama Product Developer Daniel Turczański explains what makes this integration useful:

“Tempo Timesheets is an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to track time spent on issues. Timesheets is really important for contractors, or anyone who needs to track CAPEX, OPEX, billable and internal time. 

Many of our customers use Tempo, myself included, and we kept getting asked to integrate with it. Once we started planning how the integration would work for the end user, I knew we were on to something exciting.

We wanted to make an integration that united the most useful features of Tempo and Panorama.

So now project managers can summarise how much time was reported for every branch and tree of the project.

Tempo’s team function is a brilliant feature, and now people can easily sum up the work done for each team, or each Tempo account with all the extra flexibility and customisation that Panorama enables.”

With Panorama & Tempo Timesheets combined you can now:

  • Connect Panorama Jira Issues’ structure with Tempo’s time-tracking functionality
  • Report on how much time was logged for all the aspects/branches/trees and sub-trees of each project
  • Group work by Tempo teams or accounts on a project basis i.e. a filter for billable work
  • Compare the work of teams and what versions they’re working on
  • Aggregate information about planned vs. actual time spent
  • Group by components and reporters to show how much time was reported per given component.
  • Group by Tempo accounts to show how much time was billed to particular accounts in projects with multiple stakeholders
  • Sum up the information about time spent compared to your original estimates

Check out the video below to see the Tempo and Panorama integration in action!


If you’d like to get a better view of your Jira, aggregate Jira issues and sub-tasks, as well as get clearer reporting and get more out of Tempo Timesheets, learn more about Panorama here!

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