Is Tempo for Jira Data Center right for you?

Tempo for Jira Data Center

As technology advances, most if not all organizations are in the process of becoming a technology company. Performance and scalability are increasingly important. As the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, said: “Every company is now a software company”. All organizations are using and even developing technology to make their operations more efficient and their products and services more attractive to customers in their respective markets. In the pursuit of continually improving performance and scalability, enterprises need increasing flexibility in their software solutions.

Build amazing things with Tempo-1With Jira and Tempo, you have the benefits of infrastructure flexibility and different deployment options that best suit your business. You can choose to use a software as a service (SaaS) offering in the Cloud, or to deploy on your own hardware with Data Center. Until February 2023, you can purchase a Server deployment that are valid until February 2024.

Also, you can deploy on Data Center using infrastructure as a service (IaaS). With IaaS, you can take advantage of the benefits of the Cloud and save time and money by deploying on public cloud services like AWS and Azure, and effortlessly scale your Atlassian and Tempo products. 

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For some businesses, migrating to the Cloud is impossible, or at the very least a long way off. For those organizations still needing a self-managed version of the product, Data Center is a great option that provides powerful, enterprise-level functionality. 

What is Jira Data Center?

Data Center is an option specifically designed to support the unique and complex requirements of enterprise organizations. The main difference between Server and Data Center deployment is the architecture of how your data is set up. 

Data Center consists of cluster nodes of dedicated machines. You achieve high availability through active clustering, which enables you to ensure uninterrupted access to critical applications if a failure occurs. If a node fails, the load balancer will automatically redirect requests to other nodes. You route certain types of traffic e.g. particular teams’ requests or API traffic to specific nodes while driving other traffic to others to provide the highest quality of service to your users. 

This technology results in higher availability, zero downtime, more speed and instant scalability for improved performance. As an added benefit, Tempo for Jira Data Center gives you all the features and functionality found on our Server products:

So, how should you decide whether to migrate to the Cloud or upgrade your Jira Server and Tempo licenses to Jira Data Center?

4 questions to ask yourself

  1. How many users are accessing your Atlassian applications and Tempo each day?

    Atlassian found the tipping point for Data Center customers who need more stability tends to be between the 500-1000 user mark.*
  2. Are you seeing decreasing performance?

    Investigate your peak time of usage as performance degradation usually happens under high load or at peak times. With more users (even if they’re geographically dispersed) and concurrent usage with many different data calls, it’s time to think about other options.*

  3. Are you experiencing too many outages?

    If hundreds or even thousands of employees are unable to work it can become prohibitively expensive. The most common cause of downtime is system errors from your overloaded server.*

  4. Is your administrator overwhelmed with dealing with errors, performance complaints or maintenance requests?

    With Data Center, Atlassian aims to make the administrator’s job more efficient and stress-free by providing options and tools they need to maintain the performance and up-time teams expect while managing growth.*

Server to cloud migration guide

*Atlassian, Server to Data Center: The Tipping Point

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