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Google Calendar time tracking integration

Google Calendar is one of the most used calendars online. It’s easy to use, has a simple UI and integrates with Tempo for Cloud!

By syncing your Google Calendar with Tempo Timesheets, you can automatically fill your timesheet. All your scheduled appointments are listed in My Work and, with just one click, you can turn your calendar events into time entries.

Connect Google Calendar time tracking

How to connect Google Calendar to Tempo

Follow these 4 steps to sync Google Calendar with Timesheets:

  1. In Timesheets, just click View at the top right corner in My Work
  2. Select Google Calendar
  3. Sign in to your Google Account
  4. Allow Tempo to access your calendar
  5. Add the Jira issue key in the title of your event so Tempo can pick it up and preselect it when you’re ready to log time.


The Tempo team loves this feature because it makes logging time every day easier and more accurate.

There’s no need to remember the specifics of your schedule or manually enter meeting times. Especially those that have meetings often and weekly recurring meetings can quickly turn their meetings into time entries in an instant.

Connecting your Google Calendar with Tempo’s My Work calendar allows you to see all your scheduled meetings and activities at a glance in Jira. 


Better time tracking with Tempo

Project teams work on a variety of tasks on any given day. A valuable overview of your tasks, plans and meetings in Jira will help you organize your day and set goals.

If a lack of visibility into how time is managed and spent is an obvious problem for your organization, time tracking is the simplest and single best thing you can do to improve your ability to accelerate business growth.

Create your own sanctum in Tempo, where you'll find what you need, schedule meetings and plans, view your issues, track time, submit timesheets for approval and request time off.

Here are some tangible benefits to using time tracking software for your business.


Track time with Google Calendar on the go in Tempo’s Mobile App

You can also view your Google Calendar appointments and events in the mobile app for Tempo Cloud. Go further and make time tracking a seamless part of your day, wherever you are. Download the mobile app for Tempo Cloud for free for iOS and Android.

Download on app sotre Get it on Google Play 

Mobile Google Calendar integration

Start your day in Tempo by getting a sense of your workload and seeing an overview of your upcoming projects and tasks.

Finish your day in Tempo by turning your plans and Google Calendar events to time entries.

The Google Calendar integration is only available for Tempo Cloud for Jira.


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