How insights from logging time can transform your remote workforce

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Given the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s helpful for business owners to be prepared and use tools that will allow them to take a deep dive into their workplace operations and see where they can improve as a company. This article shows the benefits of investing in time logging software, like Tempo, and how it provides valuable insights that can be used to improve workplace efficiency, particularly for a remote workforce. 

See where time is being spent

Time logging software like Tempo Timesheets allows managers to see what work has been finished, how much time was spent fulfilling particular tasks, and the breakdown of billable and non-billable work. It is designed to keep everyone in the workplace accountable for their time, particularly when they are working at a distance. With time logging software, managers can view their employees’ workload and ensure that the most critical tasks are being worked on. Insights like these allow companies to support employees with a heavy workload who may need additional help to complete their objectives. With Tempo Reports, you can easily get a view of how many hours were spent on individual tasks and projects within a particular time frame. 

Cultivate proper time management

It’s important to treat your time and the time of your employees as a finite resource. If you are not monitoring the time your team spends fulfilling work for customers/clients, here is one reason to consider doing so: logging time makes it easier to manage time. 

While time logging software can record basic functions like clocking in and out and monitoring overtime, it also helps workers stay organized and productive, which can be especially difficult for remote workers. Without this software, issues may arise when an employee loses themselves in their work and spends more time on a project than outlined in the budget proposal. When a contract is signed and the number of allocated hours are designated, it is critical for employees not to overspend their time working on a project. Spending too much time on a project will ultimately decrease the time spent completing other important tasks and may lead to other workplace complications (i.e. missing deadlines, unhappy clients, etc.) Using time logging software to know how long tasks take to complete makes it simple to estimate the length of future projects.

Optimize how employees spend their time

Furthermore, time logging software can prevent complacency. If a client is paying for 20 hours of work for a project, but an employee was able to complete the project in less time, a tool like time tracking software will ensure that the employee puts all of their remaining time to good use. For example, employees can use the remaining hours to self-assess their performance, conduct quality assurance checks, and ask coworkers and management teams for suggestions on how they can improve. 

Cultivate proper time management

Time is a finite resource, but so are employees. Without any commute or clear boundaries between work and home, it’s common for remote employees to put in a lot of overtime. One of the biggest concerns for companies that haven’t implemented time logging software is the risk that employees may burn themselves out physically or mentally. An employee that works over their scheduled hours, or isn’t prepared for their workload, may find it hard to put forth their finest effort and it can result in workplace dissatisfaction. Time logging software provides employees with valuable information such as timelines from past projects and details about upcoming projects which will allow them to more accurately plan their workdays. 

Employees live busy lives outside of work. Now more than ever, we need to be cognizant of the effect that a heavy workload can have on the mental well-being of employees. While your employees work hard to ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied, be sure to invest in a time logging software that will allow them to regain control of their day-to-day work life.


These insights are beneficial for any company that is looking for a way to improve workplace efficiency, customer/client relations, and employee satisfaction. The insights provided by time logging software will make life easier and more enjoyable for executives and their employees, wherever they happen to work. 

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