An efficient alternative to Excel spreadsheets: Tempo Planner

Excel spreadsheet alternative - Planner

Many project managers rely on spreadsheets to support them in their resource planning, but when it comes to planning for big projects with many teams and stakeholders who are geographically dispersed, spreadsheets have some real drawbacks. They can be bulky and inaccurate, and require significant expertise to use in any kind of advanced way. 

As an alternative to Excel spreadsheets, Tempo Planner has a lot to offer those who need a tool for resource planning. Unlike Excel, Tempo Planner has automation, and it's centralized in Jira so users don't need to jump between tools. The UI is sleek and easy to navigate, and users with the right permissions can quickly generate reports to get a quick grasp of capacity.

When it comes to usability and efficiency, there's really no comparison: Tempo Planner is expressly designed for resource planning in Jira, and it works. There are more reasons to consider Tempo Planner as an Excel spreadsheet alternative. See the infographic below or read this article for more. 

Tempo Planner Resource Planning VS Excel - Infographic updated

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