"Impossible Alone" meets "Build Better, Together": Tempo's takeaways from Team ‘23

Our presentations were packed, our booth was bumping, and it turns out that James Cameron gives one heck of a keynote address. After such a hectic week, we wanted to unpack the highlights and musings from Team ‘23. 

Atlassian agrees – we’re in this together

“Impossible Alone. Possible together,” was the tagline for this year’s event, and we were delighted to see it. Helping organizations work better together is our whole thing! James Cameron himself – often thought of as a lone mastermind who single handedly changed movies –  got up on stage and subverted the whole “lone genius” notion. It’s not about one person, he said: It’s about the team. Having a solid, coordinated organization working together lets you take risks and adapt to challenges. We couldn’t agree more. 

The biggest splash? Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian’s introduction of its AI-powered virtual teammate got wild applause, and yes, this does look extremely useful and cool. The word “game-changer” got thrown around a lot. Say you have a Jira ticket with 20 messages back and forth – just ask the AI assistant to summarize the ticket, and it will. If you often get tripped up using JQL, good news: You can say what you want in plain text and get the info you need. Have a meeting transcript? The virtual assistant can summarize for you – no need to assign someone to do that task. 

When you save so much worker time on manual tasks or information-hunting, what else do you free them up to do? The possibilities are dizzying. 

Tempo presentations: Jira Align, agility, and strategic portfolio management


Jira Align + Timesheets integration: A standing-room-only crowd wanted to learn how to calculate development investments – and our own Solutions Engineer Phil Heijkoop and Atlassian’s Robert Boyaval were happy to oblige. 

 “From PPM to LMP with Jira, Jira Align, and Tempo,” dove into how teams practicing Lean Portfolio Management could use our integration for enhanced time tracking and reporting. Dev teams can easily track hourly effort, and see how much a project, project, or portfolio has cost to develop. (If you want to know more about the integration, check out our post).

Scaling agile with Cprime: We also paired up with Cprime to share insights about agility at scale – Cprime’s “The Five Phases of Enterprise Agility” white paper dissects and explains the major milestones of becoming a fully agile enterprise-level organization. Tempo’s solutions are a key toolset to support those moves – useful to track time, plan allocations for sprints or PIs, access metrics for more reliable forecasting, and more. For additional info about this topic, get in touch with Cprime.

“Strategic portfolio management: Tools for turbulence”: The potentially massive disruption of AI was an excellent backdrop for Tempo’s Chief Product Officer, Shannon Mason, to tackle strategic portfolio management.

Shannon’s talk was all about weathering unpredictable times, and the arrival of AI is the perfect example – it’s impossible to predict exactly how it will shake up business as usual, in ways both large and small. How do you stay nimble and keep ahead of seismic technological change? Through sustainable, smart operations that let you pivot as needed. Watch Shannon’s talk to learn more. 

Old Street Solutions joins Tempo – and our strategic portfolio management capabilities grow even stronger

A few buzzy acquisitions happened this month – Atlassian just bought Orderly Databases for Confluence, for example – and we’re happy to spread the word that we’re growing, too! 

Timesheets by Tempo may be our flagship product, but Tempo is now so much more. At last year’s big Atlassian event, Tempo got to tout new additions: the roadmapping tool Roadmunk, plus Atlassian ecosystem standout Structure. 

This year, we can celebrate Tempo bringing LiquidPlanner’s predictive scheduling to the Atlassian marketplace – if you want to know more about what predictive scheduling brings to the table, watch our recent fireside chat

And now, familiar face Old Street Solutions is joining Tempo as well! OSS provides customized Jira reports that improve team collaboration – there’s that Team ‘23 theme, again – and provides the kind of visibility that is a cornerstone of strategic portfolio management. We’re beyond thrilled to welcome the OSS team aboard!

Celebrations & a look forward

Team ‘23 is also our time to distribute high-fives, feel some pride in our own accomplishments, and consider how this event will shape the rest of the year for us: 

  • Tempo was a finalist for Atlassian Partner of the Year 2022 Enterprise Apps! We took the top spot in 2021 and we’re gratified to get so much love from Atlassian again this year. 
  • Our 2023 Partner of the Year awards heaped well-deserved praise on our mighty partners, who help their clients put together the winning combination of tools to solve any problem that comes their way. Congrats to all! 

We left Team ‘23 with an expanded network and a lot of new ideas. To keep up with our updates, check in on our new Tempo roadmap (courtesy of Roadmunk by Tempo), and see all the big ideas coming your way. We’re excited to keep working better together!



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