How To Boost Your Team’s Morale

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A team celebratingYour team’s morale is an important factor in whether your company thrives or struggles. Having a team that is excited to go into work and perform their duties creates an environment where individuals are encouraging and supportive; where mistakes can be corrected without vindictiveness. Your team is your work family, and much like your real family, ensuring their happiness will have them arriving at work in a positive mood instead of dreading their shift. Here are a few ways you can enhance the atmosphere at your workplace to improve your team’s morale:

Create Opportunities For Advancement

Career advancement Young people seeking their first employment opportunity seldom expect to be working that job for the rest of their lives. They need money to support their basic necessities and are looking for an entry-level job that will provide an adequate wage until they pursue bigger and more lucrative job opportunities in the future. For business owners, constantly replacing employees can become expensive and decrease the morale of the team because their employees see no realistic future at their company. To build an environment that is sustainable and productive, you must give your employees the opportunity to grow into the business and advance in the future. Make it possible to build a career at your establishment, rather than presenting the position as a dead-end job. Help employees see where your company is headed and how they fit in, and give them something to strive for.

Celebrate Accomplishments, Big and Small

Team celebrationIt can be difficult to recognize all of the moving parts that collaborate on a finished product. One person may have a more prestigious role or job title, but it is crucial to recognize those individuals whose output tends to go unnoticed. No employee wants to feel that their accomplishments pale in comparison to anyone else, regardless of how big or small they appear to be. Company owners and project managers can build a program that helps recognize the achievements of all team members by highlighting the work they’ve done; team meetings, team emails or work parties are excellent ways managers can build trust and loyalty with their team. The achievements don’t even need to be production-related; recognize specific team members for the work they do in the community, lending hands to other team members in times of trouble, and maintaining a perfect attendance record. Celebrating achievements big or small builds a sense of camaraderie, humility, and teamwork.

Coach Their Mindsets

Boss coaching an employeeWhen you hire someone on to your team, you are responsible for the way they think, act and behave. You took the leap of faith in hiring them, so it is up to you to coach their mindset and transform their workplace into an environment where they strive for success. Educate your employees that every morning that they get up, they get to choose the right attitude. Choosing an attitude is not simply smiling through discomfort and acting happy, it means to be conscious of how you conduct yourself in your professional and personal life. It means to have a full understanding of how your attitude directly affects those around you. Being a team player means having everyone on board, putting in 100% effort both in times of success and adversity. As a manager or company owner, you have the direct responsibility of being there for your employees and troubleshooting any workplace issues or home-related issues that could impede their success. Listen with compassion and do all you can to put your employees in a position to succeed. When your employees are having a rough time in their role, consider their circumstances and be flexible with accommodations for them. Inspire your employees and connect with them on a human level; avoid constant discussion about work-related tasks and focus on them as a person.

Break Routine Occasionally

Boss with employees utilizing time tracking software When your company operates on the same schedule, day after day, it can begin to wear on the psyche of your employees. People become so ingrained in their everyday routines that they can begin to do their work in a robotic way. Breaking from tradition is good for the mind; it acts as a refresh button and allows the senses to experience something new. Options to re-invigorate your office could include spontaneous work activities (team building exercises, office games) or organized luncheons. If you work from an office, it can get mentally exhausting for your employees to be sitting down all day, in silence, staring at a screen or answering phone calls, so it is important that you promote fun. When employees are having fun, they are more productive in their working environment and enjoy coming into work more. It can also be helpful to organize after-work or weekend events to promote team-building and encourage employees that are simply acquaintances to form closer and stronger bonds.

Get a View of Your Employee’s Workload

Stressful WorkloadAs a manager or team leader, it is possible to be so immersed in your own responsibilities that you do not always consider the work that your team members put in every day. If an employee is under obvious stress with their current assignment, allow them the time necessary to figure out what needs to be done. Overworking an employee can create stress and negatively impact their performance and zest for work; underutilizing an employee can lessen their interest, leading to high turnover rates and tardiness. Tempo Planner can help management establish transparency with their teams with the capacity report, which allows users to see the hours planned for each employee. This tool was devised to help management discover who is overworked and who is under-utilized.

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