How to get a ROI of 235% with Jira Project Management Tools

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We here at Tempo have always believed our solutions are easy to use and that their value far surpasses the cost — but we wanted to know for sure. That’s why we commissioned Forrester Consulting to perform a study on the total economic impact of Tempo’s Jira project management tools on organizations*. The study aims to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Tempo’s products on their companies. We are happy to bring you the results, which came out of interviews with four of our customers who have years of experience with the Tempo product suite of Tempo Timesheets, Planner and Budgets.

The study presents a composite organization that is representative of the four companies that Forrester Consulting interviewed. In this case, it is a mid-sized business services company with 250 employees and an annual revenue of $40 million. According to the study, Tempo’s Jira project management tools had a significant three-year financial impact on the composite company. With an estimated ROI of up to 235% and a payback time of only 7 months, the company benefited significantly from the Tempo product suite. The benefits came to nearly $590,000 versus costs of nearly $180,000.


The Benefits of Jira Project Management Tools from Tempo

The study lists many benefits to adopting Tempo’s product suite. All four interviewed companies reported time savings for their project management teams due to Tempo Planner. The companies further reported that team members track their time more accurately and systematically due to Tempo Timesheets and that project managers spend less time chasing people to enter their time. With Tempo Budgets, project managers reported they were empowered with more visibility into the financial metrics of their projects.

All of the interviewed organizations noted that the introduction of Tempo’s Jira project management tools helped them to improve the visibility into and transparency of status, health, performance, and financial metrics of their internal and client projects. Interviewees from the four companies said that more projects are now on track as they can detect problems earlier in the process; this reduces the risk of projects running over time and budget. For many organizations, moving to Tempo also leads to significant savings on legacy costs for maintenance and support of larger, more expensive solutions.

It’s worth it to take the plunge and implement Tempo’s solutions. Read all about the benefits gained when implementing Jira project management tools from Tempo: get your copy of the Total Economic Impact study.

Download your copy here

*The Total Economic Impact™ Of Tempo’s Product Suite, a December 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tempo

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