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The Tempo for Jira mobile app allows you to track and view tasks and plans whenever you want. Easily create time entries and time trackers, submit your timesheet and convert your calendar events and plans on Jira issues into time entries.

Keep track on pending timesheet and plan approvals and requests from your team via notifications in your inbox.

Go further and make time tracking a seamless part of your day everywhere. The Mobile App for Tempo is available for free for iOS and Android.

Tempo Cloud




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Accurately log time in My Work. You can create time entries and trackers on-the-go and access your tasks. Convert your calendar events, plans on Jira issues, and trackers into time entries with a tap. No need to search for issues, re-enter descriptions or manually enter time.

Review and approve time entries. Get things done from wherever you are, whenever you want. Take action on your responsibilities of reviewing and approving/rejecting timesheet and plan requests from your team. Approval logs are kept for transparency and traceability in Tempo.

Stay up-to-date on your notifications. Just tap the inbox for messages and notifications. You’ll be reminded of when timesheet is due for an approval from your manager. Managers get reminded of pending timesheet and plan approvals.

Time tracking can be a seamless part of your day!

As we’ve discussed before and we can all agree on, the process of logging your time should feel smooth and easy; you should feel like you’re on top of your job every day.

You can sign into your Google Calendar directly from Tempo for Jira Cloud and the mobile app to view all your scheduled meetings and other activities in My Work, your home base in Tempo.

Tip: Include a Jira issue key in the event title when you book a meeting and Tempo will pick it up when logging time in My Work and the mobile app. 


Create your own sanctum in Tempo and the mobile app, where you'll find what you need, schedule meetings and plans, view your issues, track time and submit timesheets for approval, and request time off.

Start your day in Tempo: view your schedule, get a sense of your workload and an overview of upcoming projects and tasks.

Finish your day in Tempo by converting your plans and Google Calendar events to time entries.

With you, wherever you go, extending your workplace with real-time progress, providing visibility on how you’re spending your time. Try today for free!

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