4 Reasons Your Company Is Experiencing High Turnover

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When you imagine your company, you imagine a team of people working hard, not just for themselves and their personal goals, but for each other and the overall success of the company. Your business grows when you’ve established a team of individuals who work intensely to set the precedent for incoming employees. However, in certain situations when employees become disgruntled and unhappy, the working environment transforms into a place where employees are no longer set up to succeed. Ultimately, this forces them to look for other employment opportunities.

We’ve seen it happen with countless companies in every industry; employees who had occupied their position for 20+ years left because they no longer saw eye-to-eye with management or they were working through distress. If your company is dealing with a high turnover rate, here are a few reasons why this may be occurring:

Your Employees Are Being Overworked

Employees who are relied on for their skillset or prior experience can’t be expected to carry the whole workload. When you allocate multiple projects at the same time to your employees, they will have less time to ensure they are producing high-quality end products. Employees struggling to manage their workload may begin to feel overwhelmed and overworked, which could impact the enjoyment they once felt for their job.

To prevent employees from leaving or resigning, it is critical to gauge how they feel about their current situation. Some employees will be honest about their current work-life balance, while others may be afraid to bite the hand that feeds them. In any case, you can create anonymous polls for authentic feedback and if your employees report back that they feel exhausted and uninterested in their work, you may need to hire more employees or allocate the workload more evenly amongst your existing staff.

Your Employees Feel You Are Playing Favourites

Having a model employee should definitely make a boss feel proud, but although you may have a select few employees that are going above and beyond their duties, as a manager, it is imperative to treat every employee equally. Playing favourites and treating employees differently based on the roles they occupy, is a quick way to fall out of favour with your employees. It can drastically impact quality and production.

Ensure that you establish a concrete set of rules that everyone must abide by. For example, if everyone must show up at the office to work, do not make special permissions for certain individuals allowing them to work from home. If you are hosting a work-related event, ensure everyone is invited. Employee-of-the-month programs can be detrimental if the same few individuals are consistently being awarded, but can work favourably for employers if you get everyone involved and acknowledge everyone’s contributions.

No Opportunities For A Raise

Everybody loves it when their work is noticed and appreciated by their superiors. They love encouragement, support and reassurance, but most of all, employees need to be supported financially. This doesn’t make them greedy or unthankful for the job opportunity that you've provided them, but they have responsibilities outside of work, as well as expenses. They need spendable cash so they can go out and enjoy their time away from work. Giving raises to your employees is a wise investment for your company; when already trained employees resign or are let go due to wage demands, it actually costs your company more to go through the recruitment and training process to replace them. You want to establish a working environment where your employees are excited to come into work and feel proud of the money they’re earning. Annual employee reviews are a great opportunity for you to examine your employee’s prior work and give them a reasonable wage adjustment based on their performance.

No Chance For Growth

When people take on a new career opportunity, they are adjusting their entire lives to accommodate the demands of the job. Some people may even uproot the lives of their families and change cities to ensure they do not lose their position to another candidate. It is imperative as a company that you are always thinking about growth opportunities for your employees. The more experience your employees get in their current positions, the more prepared they are for tougher challenges and adventures. When your employees know there is absolutely no chance of moving up the company ladder, they may become dissatisfied with future plans and seek employment elsewhere. As a workplace, you must understand that employees do not want to perform mindless tasks. When you allow your employees to see themselves as a part of your company’s future, you will notice more and more employees staying longer and seeing the company grow and succeed.

Using this information, you can help keep your employees happy and your business thriving.
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