3 Ways Elements Connect Enhances the Organization of Tempo Accounts

Elements Connect displays Tempo account info in Jira issue



This is a guest post from Christophe Promé, Product Manager at Elements.

Tempo Timesheets is a powerful tool, which allows you to manage your time spent with customers, including the hours worked for each customer and the general details of each customer's account.

By using Tempo Accounts in Tempo Timesheets, you will be able to dynamically break down and analyze data regarding your customers. However, as your projects scale, it is necessary to improve the oversight you have over account information.

Do you find yourself asking questions such as:

  • Who is in charge of this account?
  • For my upcoming client meeting today, how can I quickly find all the tasks that are related to one account when I'm the account lead for twenty other customers?
  • How can I improve reporting on our activity with clients?

If this sounds like you, fear not – a dynamic solution in the Marketplace is just around the corner!

Elements Connect (formerly nFeed), one of Atlassian's leading apps, is the universal data connector for Jira and Jira Service Desk. We've integrated with Tempo's REST API so that you can query data from any data source in a nutshell – including Tempo Accounts – and display up-to-date results in Jira custom fields.

Here are three ways Elements Connect can help concretely improve your Tempo Accounts.

#1. Improve team collaboration by displaying account related data

If your teams have a lot of clients, that is great for your business! However, increased success also means that teams need to stay better organized. It is easy to forget the details regarding each customer and it is time consuming to manually search for this data every time you need it.

One of the frequently asked questions we get when using Accounts in Tempo Timesheets is whether you can display customer information within the issue. With Elements Connect, now you can!

As Elements Connect integrates with Tempo Accounts, users can add customized account fields directly within the issue screen. For example, you can now add the customer's name, account category, account category type, account lead, and account status. As you'll see from the visualization below, all you need to do is to select the account after the configuration is set up and all relevant data will be injected into the issue.

Elements Connect displays Tempo account info in Jira issue

#2. Save time by searching directly for Elements Connect fields

How many times has the following scenario happened to you?

You received a pop-up notification for your next client meeting which is starting in 10 minutes. Amidst the amount of tasks at hand, you needed to quickly refresh your memory on the status of the account's projects in order to avoid forgetting important points to address during the meeting. As it is currently not possible to look up all the issues regarding one account on Jira through the basic search, you'll need a more sophisticated JQL search in order to do that. As a result, it takes time away from actually viewing the issues – which isn't ideal when you are pressed for time.

The integration of Elements Connect and Tempo REST API addresses this problem by improving the way you can search for your issues. Since Elements Connect fields are searchable, you can create search queries on those fields and have auto-completes in your searches.

Search issues linked to an account of the category "Capitalized"

Elements Connect new search filters for Tempo accounts in Jira

#3. Gain control with increased reporting power

All Elements Connect fields that you've customized for Tempo Accounts can also be used in dashboard charts, giving your reporting capabilities a vital boost.

By building reports based on any account attributes such as category, customer, or lead, you can quickly see the aspects that are most time and energy-consuming within your team.

The following chart will help you answer these questions in a jiffy:

  • How many projects does each account have in relation to each other?
  • What is the breakdown of billable projects?
  • Are the roles of account leads equally divided between team members?

Elements Connect improves Tempo dashboard charts in Jira

 As you can see, when this handy app is integrated with Tempo Accounts, it can significantly improve your team's organization – leaving you more time for actually working with your clients!

 Want to see this example of integration with Tempo on a live Jira instance? Go to Elements Connect demo portal, where you will also find other examples of connected fields with any external data source.

Convinced? Give Elements Connect a try on the Marketplace.  

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