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3 reasons companies struggle to track time


In the long run, it may not seem important to keep a detailed record of your employees' working hours, but many executives have discovered it makes life easier for themselves, their employees, and their overall company operations. Time tracking software has modernized what it means for companies to stay on top of employee working hours, and all companies should be considering time tracking software for their company needs. Unfortunately, despite attempts to track time on their own, many companies fail to do so accurately. If you are having trouble using a time-tracking tool, you aren't alone. Here are three major reasons most companies struggle to track time:

Employees who are unengaged at the end of the day

It's no surprise, as the end of the working day approaches, the intensity and focus that your employees had in the morning dissipates. Knowing that the day is almost over, your employees are prone to socializing and lounging. Many are trying to complete the last items on their to-do list before going home. As your employees begin to contemplate what they're going to make for dinner or decide which task they want to finish, the last thing on their mind is writing their time down on a timesheet. Encourage your employees to track when they begin specific tasks, when they finished their tasks, when they take their lunch, when they take their breaks, etc. Ensure your employees understand they are to be mindful of their working hours. 

Dishonesty and mistrust

Time tracking software is often perceived in different ways. Managers try to provide their employees with a program that allows them to view their workload and monitor their resources. From the employee’s perspective, especially if they have been working at an establishment for a long time, they often feel suddenly untrusted and under constant monitoring and evaluation. To flip this perspective, the manager or business owner of a company needs to be clear on their intentions from the get-go. Time theft is a sincere concern, and thousands of companies suffer and fail due to it becoming an ongoing issue. Your employees need to know that you trust them to complete their jobs without consistent monitoring. Remind your employees that their time is being tracked to assist them in managing their time and allowing them to view their upcoming tasks on a platform that is easy to navigate and modify.

They haven't upgraded their system 

As time progresses, so does our technology; therefore, the businesses that are using time tracking technology and software from decades ago are going to notice inconsistencies and errors when tracking time and filling out their payroll. Upgraded software and time tracking equipment prevent business owners from having to repair bugs and glitches in their system continuously and due to the fully digital nature of time tracking software, they no longer must collect punch-in cards or handwritten timesheets. Manual forms of time tracking are obsolete in modern society, but so are certain time tracking softwares. Time tracking software is an investment in your business that will end up saving you money and time.

It's important to choose a time tracking software that is easy to use and offers you a multitude of capabilities. For more information on Tempo for Jira, contact us today!

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