How Tempo and BigPicture integration completes your Jira Project Management experience


This is a guest post from SoftwarePlant - a long time partner of Tempo

Recent years have brought many creative innovations to the world of project management. Yet, in spite of these innovations and changes, one of its core attributes remains unchanged… we are talking, of course, about integrity.

Despite the PPM methodology which we find most suitable to follow, a well-integrated environment in which we operate is always a ‘must’. Such environments are necessary in order to fulfill our team related needs in terms of resources, the roles they fulfill, and the overall project management process.

We believe this is what Tempo and SoftwarePlant have managed to achieve with BigTime™. With absolute humility (humbly, yet still very excited) we are thrilled to present the integration of BigPicture’s Teams and Resources modules with Tempo’s add-ons.

So, what was integrated?

Ever since BigPicture Enterprise was released as an expansion to BigPicture, many Atlassian partners offered Tempo Budgets, Timesheets and Planner, along with SoftwarePlant’s Jira applications, as solutions for project management and business growth. Many of them shared their feedback on how much easier it would be if a user was not forced to reproduce their work by populating fields commonly shared by BigPicture and the Tempo add-ons.

In order to identify our clients’ needs and to better understand the reasoning behind them, we decided to investigate and discovered that these add-ons do not compete with each other. Indeed, they operate in perfect harmony, creating a business development and project management powerhouse.

With the release of BigPicture 6.8.0 & BigPicture Enterprise 2.1.0, users are now able to: synchronize Teams of both add-ons, BigPicture’s Skills of their team members as well as Workload and Holiday Plans with corresponding mechanisms within Tempo’s team based Roles, Resources and Workload and Holiday Schemes. By implementing this type of continuity, we remove many obsolete steps from the project management experience and spare users from duplicating their work - by which, of course, they save precious time and boost work efficiency.

Why integrate in the first place?

The philosophy behind the integration of Tempo applications with BigPicture is as simple as: ‘to make our lives easier’.  This facilitates project management experience in all its complexity. Integrating teams, resources and skill-driven roles along with workload and planned holidays no longer forces us to convert any information existing in one app in order to display it in another, thus avoiding unnecessary overlap of their distinct spheres of functionality.

When managing our accounting, billing or workload data in terms of whole team or individual resources related Jira Issues in Budgets or Timesheets, we are no longer forced to manually input the same information twice whenever switching between applications once we wish to use their unique features and functionalities.

If you would like to learn more about the level of integrity that Tempo's Jira project management tools and BigPicture Enterprise have these days, as well as how to configure SoftwarePlant’s plugin in order to synchronize with Planner, Budgets and Timesheets, please visit this Wiki page for all required guidelines.

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